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====Language Support Index====

==Language Homepages on Wiki==
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==Displaying Characters from Additional Languages==
~Ensure a font is a installed that contains the characters from the additional language. Also the encoding setting of a program may need changing.
~[[ post]] - contains Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts.
~[[ Chinese Language Pets]] - Chinese font and SCIM PETs
~[[ More font sets including Hindi and Thai]]

==Switching Localization SCIM==
~Instructions for setting up Puppy to allow typing in non-latin character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, etc. This is different from a full localization because the underlying system is still in English or another Western language, see [[SCIM SCIM (smart common input method)]] for more information.

==Keyboard Setup==
~[[HowToChangeAddKeyboardLayout How to Add Keyboard Layout]]
~[[SCIM]] - switching localization, input many different languages
~[[KeyboardLayouts Alternative Keyboard Layouts]]
~[[fbxkb]] - current keyboard language indicator
~[[InputDevices Input Device Index]] - more input options

==Application Localization==
~[[ a choice of langpack available for download]]
~[[MoManager]] - Translation script manager
~[[GetText]] - localization standard at programming language level
~[[ HOWTO internationalize applications]]
~[[ Xarchive internationalised]]
~[[ Tray applets internationalised]]
~[[ Woof2 localization support]]
~[[ Bulldog Finder - right click file finder (supports NLS

==Language support on this Wiki==
~LanguageBars - an attempt to improve multilingual support
~[[LanguageCodes Language Codes]]

==NLS Package==
~If a [[PET|package]] has NLS in its title then it usually refers to the fact it contains Native Language Support. For example, translation of an applications interface. Often translations are provided as an additional package.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[NativeLanguageBackground Background on Language Support]]
~[[ChatRoomTranslate Chat Room IRC Translate]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Wary 5.3 has language packs for French, German, Polish, Russian and
~[[ Multilingual support on Puppy Linux 4.x/5.x thread]]
~[[ The Scim help thread on the Puppy forums]]
~[[ Keyboard Language Flag]]
~[[ Arabic language thread]]

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