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====New Users - Getting Started====
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[[ Tell me more about Puppy]]
DO NOT try and 'upgrade' from Lucid or an earlier Puppy Linux. They are not compatible. You should start with a fresh install
Ok let's get Puppy . . .
Move any essential files to storage media eg. backup bookmarks
[[InstallationIndex Download and burn the ISO]] (make sure you know how to do this)
Boot and run from CD/DVD
==Now first run==
- If you have previous other versions of Puppy it is a good idea to type 'puppy pfix=ram' at the initial boot:
I do this because I will have a previous save file and do not want to boot with that config
- Use Probe and other settings, wizards
- Turn on firewall from icon bar bottom right (right click for options)
- You could do a reboot now to save your settings or you might install to hard disk
- In Rox options/thumbnails/show images
- Add your backgrounds from Hard drive (usr/share/backgrounds)

== How does Slacko compare with other Puppy versions? ==
//I sent a pm to Mick congratulating on the release of Slacko 5.3, but would also like to do it publicly.
Personally, I was impressed by Mick's even temperament, patience and persistent enthusiasm.//
[[ BarryK]]
Our three main Puppys are [[ Slacko, Lucid and Wary]]. Slacko is designed for newer computers, six or seven years old.
[[Wary]] is a conservative design for older hardware, Lucid [[puppy526 Puppy 528]] in use but being phased out, for Ubuntu fans is **a mature well supported Puppy**.
[[ Quirky]] and [[Racy]] are used by Barry Kauler, the original creator of Puppy, to test new ideas.
[[Saluki]] is beginning to emerge as our potential next release.
[[Dpup]] (Puppy + Debian) is designated as Puppy 6, currently being developed by ""Dejan555"", Iguleder, Pemasu and Sickgut.
Future Puppy will offer x86, [[PARM ARM]] and 64 bit versions and have support for tablet, phone, touch, cloud and Android features

==Absolute noobs==
- Educate yourself by using the IRC platform, wiki and reading the forum
- [[ Try Puppy Phone]]
- [[ Create logos]], other artwork.
- [[ Learn how to create pets]]

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