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====={{color text="Support for Open University Linux" c="black"}}=====
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@@We support SECURE [[ Firefox]], [[ Opera]] and [[ Mozilla Browsers]]
We support FREE [[ Open Office]], FREE Abiword and FREE Gnumeric software
Our supported software is **Microsoft and Star Office compatible**
and follows **open standards** for documents, spreadsheets and presentation programs
We support [[ Web2]], Gmail/googlemail@@
We now provide customised operating system disks

We now support [[ FirstClass for Redhat and Puppy Linux]]
[[ Portable ePortfolio with Puppy Linux]]
[[ Tutors Open Source assessment tool LON-CPA]]

===={{color text="What is Linux and Open Source?" c="black"}}====
- [[ Open Doors to Open Source]] We mean business
- Use the [[ Short intro]] to [[FrequentlyAskedQuestions Puppy Linux]] and then the [[ Flash video tutorials]] to learn how to install a Linux ISO CD disc image
- [[ Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide!]]

===={{color text="What Support can I get?" c="black"}}====
- Familiarise yourself with the material and links on the [[FrequentlyAskedQuestions Puppy Linux]] page
- Question should be addressed to:
- [[ OU Computer Help Desk]]
- [[ Puppy Linux forum]] Using and installing Puppy Linux
- [[ Free Linux Courses]]

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===={{color text="contact" c="black"}}====
As well as an OU student I am Publicity Officer for the Puppy Linux Foundation. I previously used Windows XP but found it a 'malware magnet' that was becoming an untenable waste of time and resources. To my astonishment, no support for Open Source was offered at the OU - so I decided to start my own - well the course I am doing is in 'Practical Thinking' . . .

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//This is a personal initiative by Ed Jason focusing on [[FrequentlyAskedQuestions Puppy Linux]]//
//The current official Open University policy is to only fund and support closed sourced software from Microsoft//
- [[ OU Free Initiative]]
- [[ OU Worlwide]]
- [[ Teaching Ubuntu]]

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