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PPLOG is a small blog program powered by Perl. Designed with simplicity in mind, it uses flatfiles, so it does not need mysql. Its highly customizable, very easy to style, and it is only one Perl file, one css file and some images.

Puppy Local Implementation (Puppy Powered Blog)
Puppy Powered Blog is standard in many puppies. It serves pplog locally to create a personal blog. Go to menu option:
Puppy Menu > Personal > pplog personal blog

This will run Hiawatha, and the personal blog will be at http://localhost/blog/
With the blog files being stored at /root/Web-Server/blog

Note, the save location is inside the savefile on frugal installations.
To save the data elsewhere move the Web-Server folder to the desired location, then symlink the directory back to /root/Web-Server.

Custom Installation
Its very easy to install, and it has MANY functions, including making entries, deletting comments, adding pages, adding custom HTML code. Use the files form Pplog's google code page.

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