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~**PPLOG** is a small blog program powered by [[Perl]]. Designed with simplicity in mind, it uses flatfiles, so it does not need [[mysql]]. Its highly customizable, very easy to style, and it is only one Perl file, one [[css]] file and some images.

==Puppy Local Implementation (Puppy Powered Blog)==
~Puppy Powered Blog is standard in many puppies. It serves pplog locally to create a personal blog. Go to menu option:
~//Puppy Menu > Personal > ""pplog personal blog""//
~This will run [[Hiawatha]], and the personal blog will be at ##http://localhost/blog/
~With the blog files being stored at ##/root/Web-Server/blog##
~Note, the save location is inside the savefile on [[frugal]] installations.
~To save the data elsewhere move the Web-Server folder to the desired location, then symlink the directory back to /root/Web-Server.

==Custom Installation==
~Its very easy to install, and it has MANY functions, including making entries, deletting comments, adding pages, adding custom HTML code. Use the files form [[ Pplog's google code page]].

==Pet package available==
~[[ Nov 2017 package]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[ Using pplog to serve images for DidiWiki]]
~[[Hiawatha]] - web server
~[[DidiWiki]] - Personal wiki

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Pplog's google code page]]
~[[ sjpplog is a fork of pplog with jQuery integration]]
~[[ Newest development explained]]

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