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[[ PXELINUX]] a SYSLINUX derivative, for booting Linux off a network server, using a network ROM conforming to the Intel PXE (Pre-Execution Environment) specification

[[ PXE - Netbooting using PUPPY Linux]]

PXE (or Pre-eXecution Environment) Booting is where a machine's BIOS uses DHCP and TFTP information to boot into an environment independent of the media on the server.

===Setting up PXE===

Requirements for creating a PXE Boot Server:
- A properly configured DHCP server: to assign addresses and point the system at the kernel for booting
- A properly configured TFTP server: to distribute the booting kernel & initrd (e.g. [[ advanced TFTP client]]
- vmlinuz and initrd.img from your distribution of choice
- A PXELINUX install properly setup
- A Network Repository


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