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This page is for general information about Panels. They are also known as docks or trays and typically show the PuppyMenu, links to windows, desktop workspaces, launcher and 'docked' programs.

Configuring Panels
JWM (default for Puppy4 and Slacko) configure from the Menu option-
  • Menu > Desktop > JWM configuration
  • Then clicking on 'Tray Management'.

OpenBox (default for Lucid) configure from the Menu option-
  • Menu > Desktop > OpenBox configuration
  • Then clicking on tab 'Dock'.
  • Additionally, see the FbPanel configuration from the same submenu.

Other Panel Managers
FbPanel - used with OpenBox on Lucid
wbar - lightweight launcher
tint2 - lightweight Panel, used by PuppyEs
How to Add Panel to Puppy

Also on the Wiki
JWM Elements
PuppyMenu - accesed via panel
PupClockSet - accesed via panel


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