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====Pet files====
~PET (Puppy's Extra Treats) files are used in Puppy 2.14 and later. They are packages that add extra software. Pets are available from the [[PPM Puppy Package Management]] system. //Click on a downloaded Pet file to install the software.//

==Compatibility Across Different Puppy Versions==
~PET files should never be assumed interchangeable between versions. Sometimes it works - sometimes not.

~An older pet is more likely to work on a newer puppy than the reverse.

~When you compile a package, it looks at all the specifics of your OS and builds the program customized for that OS. Simpler programs need fewer specifics than complex ones - so simple stuff tends to be more portable.

~Also, if your using a derivative its useful to find out which 'mainstream' [[PuppyVersionIndex version]] of Puppy its based on.

==File Contents==
~Pets are tarballs, just like '.tar.gz' files, with a [[MD5sum MD5sum]] appended on the end. The in-built [[MD5sum MD5sum]] is handy, as the file can be checked for integrity after being downloaded. They are used for packaging programs designed or compiled for Puppy and provide desktop icons, menu info etc specific to Puppy. Tarball files have a .tar extension. Or tar.gz if compressed with gzip. Pet files on the other hand have a .pet extension.

~Also, two script files may be present- that executes immediately after the package files are installed that executes immediately after the files are uninstalled.

==Extract Pet file contents==
~It can sometimes be useful to extract the contents of a Pet file, do this by
~~-right clicking on the Pet file in the filer window
~~-selecting File '<filename>.PET' > 'Extract here'

==Also on the wiki==
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