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==== Printer and Scanner Index ====

Information about how-to use printers in Puppy Linux.

**Installation and configuring OS**
~-[[Printing Printing info and links]]
~-[[Scanning Scanning info and links]]
~-[[HowToSetDefaultPrinter How to Set Default Printer]]
~-[[PrintingViaWindows Printing Via Windows Printer]]
~-[[PrintingFurtherQuestions Printing Further Questions]]

**Printing drivers and tools**
~-[[CUPS C.U.P.S. Common Unix Printing System]]
~-[[CupsPDF|CUPS-PDF]] - print to [[PDF]]
~-[[GutenPrint GutenPrint Drivers]]
~-[[Gtklp Gtklp (mtpaint compatible)]]
~-[[PeasyPrint]] - print directly from some gphoto-compatible cameras
~-[[PPD]] - printer configuration files

**Scanning drivers and tools**
~-[[PeasyScan]] lightweight program for scanning
~-[[Xsane]] program for scanning

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[SoftwareGraphics Graphic Software index]]
~[[SoftwareOffice Office Software index]]
~[[Samba]] - Network Tool
~[[PeasyPDF]] - convert and combine files to PDF

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Printers forum]] - ask for help on the forum
~[[ Open Printing with the Linux Foundation]]
~[[ List of supported scanners]] - these are compatible with Sane and therefore Puppy
~[[ Install Printer/Scanner in Quirky/Lupu/Slacko thread]]
~[[ InkGUI - a program to check printer ink levels]]
~[[ Simple-Scan for PuppyLinux thread]]

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