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====How to Use a Printer with Puppy Linux====

==How to print with specific hardware==

~~[[ How to Install Brother Printers and Scanners]]

~~[[ Canon pixma printer drivers]]
~~[[ How to Install the Canon Printer Driver (MP250)]]

~~[[ Driver Packages for Some Epson Printers]]

~**Hewlett Packard (HP)**
~~[[ CUPS and my HP 2600n printer in Fluppy 006]]
~~[[ hpliplite: dynamic packages]]
~~[[ contains printer drivers only]]
~~[[ HP lib opensource page]]

~~[[ Samsung Printer/Scanner Drivers]]

==How to print within specific software==
~[[UsingMtPaint How to Print in MtPaint]]

==How to Print to a PDF==
~To print to a [[PDF]] use [[CupsPDF|CUPS-PDF]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[PrintersScanners|Printing and Scanning Index]]
~[[PrintingFurtherQuestions|Printing - Further Questions]]
~[[CUPS]] - Common UNIX Printing System

==Related Webpages==
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~[[ Open Printing with the Linux Foundation]]
~[[ blank pages in Lupu, you probably need the Fontmap patch]]
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