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~**""PupApps"" launcher** is a graphical panel which permits menu-like access to most Puppy programs (applications), and is similar to the companion program, PupControl, which permits access to more than sixty Puppy control functions. PupApps is a standalone program, but will integrate seamlessly with PupControl, PupShutdown, PupClockset and PupSnap.

~**Recommended OS** -> Puppy Linux 4.3.1 and above

~{{image width="250" link="" url="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot"}}

~""PupApps"" is included in many versions of Puppy.
~Go to //[[Pmenu PuppyMenu]] > Utility > ""PupApps""//

~On Puppy 5.3x Slacko install [[Pets PET package]] from [[LupufySlacko LupufySlacko page]].

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