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~**""PupClockset""** sets the options for the time display on the [[panels panel/dock]]. It can be accessed directly by clicking on the clock, via PuppyMenu -> Desktop, or by PupControl.

~Recommended OS Puppy Linux 4.3.1 and above.

~Supported Window Managers and Panels, [[IceWM]], [[JWM]], [[Fluxbox]], [[LXDE]], [[LXPanel]], [[FBPanel]], [[Tint2]] (and [[Openbox Openbox WM]], when linked to a supported panel)

~{{image url="" link="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot" height="200"}}

~""PupClockset"" is included in most versions of Puppy.

==Alternative method==
~In Slacko time and data can be set by going to:
~PuppyMenu -> Desktop -> Country Settings -> Set time and date

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