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PupRescue 2.5

PupRescue is intended to be a rescue tool for Windows systems that may have crashed, gotten a virus, or just need to be cleaned out. Includes many rescue tools as well as tools to wipe hard drives, clone drives, find duplicate files and even recover lost files." Created by DPUP5520.

A few of the installed programs are
1. partclone/partimage/ntfscopy(part of ntfsprogs) - all these are for creating clones/copies of your hard drive in case of a crash/hard drive is failing.
2. Smartmontools/gsmartcontrol - see if a hard drive is failing
3. Teamviewer - can remotely support a computer
4. ms-sys - write a new mbr
5. ntfsprogs - includes ntfsfix, ntfscopy, and ntfsundelete as well as about 15 other tools for working with ntfs partitions (built into puppy)
6. lcrack/rarcrack/jtr - recover lost passwords from windows/rar/zip among other container types.
7. aircrack-ng - Yes I know most see this as a "hacking" program but albeit that I quite often find airodump-ng along with Kismet quite useful for diagnosing network issues.
8. chntpw - reset Windows passwords as well as a registry editor
9. Opendoser - This is not a recovery program but rather an open source SBG format audio player that I often use while I am waiting for a process or recovery to finish, very relaxing.
10. Testdisk/Photorec - recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again/file data recovery software designed to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from hard disks, CD-ROMs, and lost pictures.

PupRescue_2.5.iso DPUP5520 dropbox
PupRescue_2.5.iso smokey01.com

624765761faa77868800d7969b23de39 PupRescue_2.5.iso

e43337a1a9f3bd6069c95e6a9093f4c45ccc2817 PupRescue_2.5.iso

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