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**""PupSysInfo""** displays system information. It is usually comes as part of [[PupControl]].

Accessible by -

A) //PuppyMenu > System > System Info and Config > ""PupSysInfo""//


B) Open ""PupControl"" go to 'Settings' and click on 'System Information'

==""PupSysInfo standalone""==
**""Pup-SysInfo""** is available as a standalone app for those who don't wish to use PupControl. This is of interest to those who prefer the smaller (20KB) footprint of a separate sysinfo utility.

==System Requirements==
Availability of a standard monospace font for the proper display of system information.

{{image width="300" url="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot"}}
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Download appropriate package.

==More Information==
[[ PupSysInfo thread]]

==Also see==
[[HowtoConfigure Configure Index]]
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