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Puppeee is a version developed by jemimah especially for the Asus Eee PC. Also see Fluppy a general version suitable for most laptops and desktops.

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Puppeee 1.0 downloads
Puppeee thread with some downloads

A beta for Puppee4.4 can be found at:

The following Sfs software packages are available for Puppeee-

AcrobatReader9.sfs Google-Earth5.1.sfs Python2.6-pygtk.sfs
emacs23.2.sfs firefox-36.sfs firefox-36Flash10.1.sfs
firefox-4bFlash10.1.sfs java_jre1.6.sfs kompozer.8b3.sfs
openoffice-3.2.1.sfs opera10.60.sfs picasa3_wine.sfs
skype2.1beta.sfs sunbird-1.0b.sfs thunderbird3.1.sfs

More available at-
Puppeee SFS repository

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2010-07-15 07:02:36
these may also work elsewhere:

Index of /files/sfs
Name Last modified Size Description

Parent Directory 30-Jun-2010 00:41 -
AcrobatReader9.sfs 07-Jul-2010 20:57 61.1M
Google-Earth5.1.sfs 07-Jul-2010 20:38 25.6M
Python2.6-pygtk.sfs 13-Jul-2010 09:16 6.5M
emacs23.2.sfs 13-Jul-2010 09:18 38.3M
firefox-36.sfs 13-May-2010 01:43 10.6M
firefox-36Flash10.1.sfs 07-Jul-2010 17:02 15.2M
firefox-4bFlash10.1.sfs 07-Jul-2010 20:32 16.8M
java_jre1.6.sfs 13-Jul-2010 09:17 36.0M
kompozer.8b3.sfs 07-Jul-2010 20:40 11.1M
openoffice-3.2.1.sfs 08-Jul-2010 16:07 148M
opera10.60.sfs 07-Jul-2010 20:44 14.1M
picasa3_wine.sfs 07-Jul-2010 17:01 30.4M
skype2.1beta.sfs 07-Jul-2010 17:01 26.7M
sunbird-1.0b.sfs 07-Jul-2010 20:46 9.5M
thunderbird3.1.sfs 07-Jul-2010 17:01 12.2M
-- (2010-07-15 07:01:19)
Comment by darkcity
2011-07-20 10:54:34
shifted sfs file to table
Comment by darkcity
2013-09-05 15:43:02
puppeee.com is down, update or remove links
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