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Puppi + Debian


When is it available?
First True Puppi 'Sap6' is now available for debugging
Barry k SAP6 instructions and download

All other distributions use dd to copy an image?
I have never heard of unxz or the .xz extension.
'dd' is used.
.xz is the latest compression type, much smaller than .gz or .bz2 or zip. The 'unxz' utility decompresses it, and it is then piped to 'dd' -- the "|" is the pipe operator, which means that the output of the unxz operation becomes the input to dd.

How was it created?
What needs fixing?
full list
Please send bug fixes to Barry K blog comments

What works?
When will more info be available?

Puppi pre-alpha running on ARM Raspberry Pi Motherboard

What is this?
This is Puppi Debian - Debian Squeeze with faster Puppy programs added

How do I get Puppi?
You don't. Not yet. You make it! You customise it!
Your Puppy, your choices!
Later we will have a ready made real Puppi
New We also have a Puppi Arch pre alpha

Help me please!

Step 1 download and install Debian Squeeze on a SD card
With Puppy
New later image available from Raspbian - note passwords if using Pisces image
In Puppy Slacko and most modern Puppys click on the downloaded Squeeze zip
It will expand
Move to the directory where the unzipped image is, open a console by
right clicking and select new terminal. Type
	# dd bs=1M if=debian6-19-04-2012.img of=/dev/sdc

The part debian6-19-04-2012.img is the image and if you have a later image
replace with the updated image name
more info
Other methods Other distros and Windows

Step 2 run 'The Squeeze'
boot up
login pi
password raspberry
for desktop

Step 3 Change Appearance [optional)
Right click on desktop
Change desktop/wallpaper and then drag the file from USB keydrive or download images directly with midori browser
Add More Puppi artwork

Step 4 Configure your setup [optional)
Configure your timezone:
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Configure locale settings:
apt-get install locales
dpkg-reconfigure locales

Configure keyboard settings:
apt-get install console-data
dpkg-reconfigure console-data

Step 5 Standard Debian way to update your installation
apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Step 6 Install favourite Puppy programs in the Squeeze?
Geany, Leafpad, gparted and a console are already present
Activate the menu bottom left
Use the Lxterminal in the top menu accessories
(password = raspberry)
	sudo su  
	apt-get update
	apt-get install mtpaint
	apt-get clean

look in 'graphics' [mtpaint example] or other category in menu

Programs you can install with apt-get:
Step 7 Move Installed programs to the desktop
copy programs from
to pi/desktop
use command line, File manager or rox when installed
Some familiar programs such as geany, leafpad and gparted are already in Debian Squeeze

Step 8 Create an image file of my changes for other Puppi Users?
	dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/a/mounted/filesystem/filename.img 

Step 9 Add programs compiled for Raspberry Pi ARM v6
Step 10 Add/Create custom Bacon Programs
Bacon BASIC to C Converter programs
like so
on programs using HUG

Programs NOT currently recommended for Puppi
BarryK has compiled inkscape lite for Arm6

How do I move files from a USB keydrive on or off Debian Squeeze?
Change the permissions. You can do this from the file manager
I changed everything to read/write and executable
In Rox the USB will be visible in /media folder

SD Firmware update The SD image contains two partitions
a boot image similar to a BIOS (see above) and the distro image eg.Debian, Arch, Fedora
The Woof2 system only supports the Mele ARM device at present
My 'Getting started with Woof' wiki page now has information on syncing with latest Woof:

This is 01micko's tutorial

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