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**What is Puppi?**
Puppy Linux running on Raspberry Pi ARM motherboard
- A small, fast, easy to use, complete, familiar, generic, general purpose operating system that just works.
- Extremely friendly for Linux and [[PuppySchoolProgramming programming noobs]]

**What are the proposed Puppi spec?** //likely to change during development//
- Boot straight to desktop and run fast
- Decompress and run from the 256MB of Raspberry Pi RAM
- [[jwm JWM]] - Joe's Window Manager and/or choice of window managers as appets (pets for ARM)
- [[ROXfiler Rox File Manager]] (incidentally Rox was developed first on the ARM processor)
- use of ext2 filing system for speed, reliability and non writing to SD card
- Puppy mainstream programs
[[geany Geany]], [[CategoryBrowser Chromium/Midori/browser choice]], [[Leafpad]], [[Mtpaint]], [[Xchat]], [[Mhwaveedit]], [[Transmission]], gparted, puptv, pup phone etc
- Puppi Package Manager (PPM)
- [[PuppyPhone Puppi Soft Phone]]
- Puppi [[Security GROWL Security]]
- [[MoManager]] for non-english Puppi
- Styling and customisation

**What is the BIG plan?**
Puppi is part of a long term [[PARM PARM strategy]] to make Puppy available on next generation ARM tablets and future [[ superphones]] and other devices. Puppy is already moving towards 64bit and CPU independence.
Once Puppy is solidly on Raspberry Pi, we will add drivers for [[PARM other PARM devices]]
Eventually allowing for touch screens, voice control, making use of Android or other plug in apps.
First however we have to work to a common goal and working for well documented, specific hardware - cheap enough for everyone to splash out. This has evolved into the Raspberry Pi commitment.
In 2013 as the market matures, we will work towards a common ready made Android/Smartphone tablet hardware device with worldwide availability. At that time we will ask puppys to make another hardware commitment.

**What Puppy centric news and support is available?**
[[ Python, Puppy and Raspberry Pi blog]] from Antiloquax and [[Lobster]]
[[ Forum thread]]

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