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====Puppy 1.09 CE====


Multi-Session and standard DOWNLOAD

Bittorrent DOWNLOAD

[[ Screenshots]]

**Discuss project** here [[ 109 Forum]]


- **Firefox**- with Puppy bookmarks
- **XDG menus** - other Windows Managers become Puppy compatible
- **Leafpad** as the default editor
- **Geany** added as advanced second editor

**Project Leader Nathan** - //Creator of Grafpup//
**XDG** menus Rarsa
**Styling** Lior, Lobster, Tim Criger, Klh
**Forum Host** Teddog
**Coding** Barry, MU, PizzasGood, Dan, Kwiller

If you are migrating from another version of Puppy, back up your pup001 first - it may be incompatible with Puppy1.09CE and data loss may result. This comes from personal experience.

==May 8 2006==
[[ Puppy 109 community edition beta2 released]]

Meeting agenda 22April 2006
time: 2300 GMT on IRC
[[ read full transcript here]]
* Developer report - Any comments from Barry, Nathan, Mu, Pizzasgood, Rarsa, Klh
* Bugs solved
* Rox report - which version?
* Which p2p?
* Keep Sylpeed - any other contenders?
* Add MU's background changer?
* Set up a new file repository for 109
* Feature freeze and release schedule
* Planning for a post Puppy2 community edition - Barry will be going walkabout around September with laptop input - might be a good time

Development tree is being moved to [[]] at some future date, right now it is at [[]]
@@----====Puppy 1.09====----@@
This is what we can look forward to in Puppy1.09
from Puppy109MeetingApril14

- Firefox- with Puppy bookmarks
- Leafpad default editor
- Geany as second editor, Beaver removed
- Puppy2 backdrop
- XDG menus
- Updated trashcan
- Latest release of the networking wizard
- Latest Blinky

- Focus on core usability
- all minor and major bugs reviewed

An [[Puppy109EnhancementRequests attempted summary]] of the "bugfix and tweak" enhancement requests from Forum users for 1.0.9 has been created based on the relevant Forum thread.

"If it works out then I'll copy 0rootfs_skeleton over to it and rename it to version 109,
and we can go ahead and start making any modifications we need to

Along with 0rootfs_skeleton we will probably be doing some work to the Xorg package in order to incorporate some of the work Barry has put into it (provided he shares). There's also still an outstanding bug with libxpm that can be fixed in that package too.

Heading up the list of priorities, though, is making some hard decisions as to what we really want to change and what is better left untouched. I think the best way to do so would be over irc, so how about some feedback as to when the best time would be to meet. My vote goes to this upcoming Saturday, around the same time of day as the last foundation meeting. That's Saturday the 15th at 6:00PM EST in the US. All would be welcome, and I don't think it would require a very long time to get some things ironed out.

If you have specific projects or changes that are ready to incorporate now we might have to sit on it for a day or two until the development repo is set up. Once it is I will be contacting certain people with login information. To manage changes I think we could maybe start a topic at Ted Dog's forum just for that purpose. Just post exactly what package has been altered and the nature of the change, time it was done, etc. to the thread and I can occasionally compile it into a working change log for the entire iso. It will be very important to keep track of what has been done with several people working simultaneously." Nathan

We can go ahead and start using Ted's forum for this discussion, since that's what he set it up for. I'll of course be checking on this forum also for pertinent info. The location of the new forum is

Anything I missed? I'll be around.

Barry is focusing on Puppy 2. He has agreed that we can create **1.0.9 as a community based Puppy**.
As The Foundation tries to share the development allowing for Barry's announced semi-retirement we need to //practice and develop our skills//. I never want Puppy to be like Mandrivel/Persondrake/Mandrake (which I will never use from now on as a matter of principle) which ousted Gael Duval from his own distro. Shameful. I invited Gael to Puppy development but he is busy with Ulteo.
There is no Puppy without Barry. His position as 'benevolent dictator for life' is honed and enhanced by being 'cutting edge developer' for Puppy2 (alpha 5 within the week from April 9 2006)
PracticePuppy is offered as a way of thank you to Barry and to prove we can be trusted to keep and improve the Puppy ethos well into the future to whatever extent and direction he cares to suggest. **No Puppy without Barry**.

//I suggest we release ISO's as often as possible//
//We must do all we can to get Developers onto broadband//
//Barry was meant to get it (possibly) any news on that?//

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- Firefox has been compiled from the latest source, by popular demand.
- A newer version of Sylpheed has been compiled in the hope that i18n support will be better. (Maybe list)
- Temporary development tree setup [[ here]]. Several packages are now uploaded.
- The Firefox package has been created. Gaim is successfully tested against new ssl libs, and Puppy bookmarks are added.
- Blinky updated to version 0.8
- Xlock bug fixed, password is now required to unlock the screen
- xdg menu support almost integrated into Puppy by Rarsa
- Upgraded Geany to 0.5
- some multisession improvements courtesy TedDog
- Xarchive bug fixed, can now create archives by drag and drop
- New background setter fully integrated, also works with ROX-2.4
- ROX-2.4 hacked to give 'Open With..' menu, and play nice with our backgroundsetter.
- Several changes have been made to the core, a screenshot of the current state of development is [[ here]]
**Suggested Projects**
- rewrite our man utility to fall back to online content if no entry is found, see [[ here]]
- Backport the new frontend for Pupget out of the current Puppy2 snapshot. You can't just take the script, since uninstall is different in Puppy2, but the relevent section could be copied over
- Put the latest version of the improved networking wizard into 0rootfs_skeleton -DONE-
- Someone look into the autodetection work that Barry is doing, and see if we might do the same for 109
- Test more firefox extensions, see if any are suitable replacements for larger programs already in Puppy

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