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====Puppy 3.01====

~Download options: retro version, Metalink, BitTorrent etc.

==Logo and Screenshots==
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== Features ==
- Jwmconfig Joes Window Manager updated
- Network Wizard upgraded
- [[ Network detection backgrounded]] at bootup (faster booting)
- JWM window manager 2.0.1
- Unleashed Puplets (Puppy derivatives) can be created without Xorg and SeaMonkey
- Xvesa improved and wide screen support added
- SeaMonkey upgraded to version 1.1.2 (comes with spell check)
- Xine-lib to 1.1.7
- Gxine to v0.5.11
- Compatibility with using Slackware software
- Correct handling of frugal install in a folder
- zdrv_xxx.sfs eliminated, now inside initrd.gz
- simple and fast boot scripts with optimized boot
- all modules now in the initial ramdisk, so all modules available
- pup_220.sfs and pup_save.2fs can be in a chosen location
- will boot on a PC with 48MB of ram
- easy to swap kernels
- [[CategoryPuppyDevelopment Under Development]]

==Also on the Wiki==
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