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The choice of which distro's packages are used is not really up to me. It is really a question of who will "run with the ball". playdayz had the determination and stamina to bring Lucid Puppy to release status and to coordinate a series of upgrades. Now he wants a rest and that is well-earned.
It was playdayz who choose Ubuntu packages, and the choice for the next Puppy (5.3) is also up to whoever is going to manage it.
Barry K full message

What I envision is a stable puppy based on the latest Slackware-13.37 optimised for size and speed which can run on an old clunker (say a p3 600, 256 RAM) and the latest 64 bit arch machines, while supporting a wide range of internal and peripheral hardware Mick Amadio (01Micko)

Puppy 5.3 slacko/Spot Alpha 2 (5th release) now available 17 Jul 2011

New Alpha 2 vid from IcyOS
SneakyLinux Intro to Puppy 5.3
Spot the Puppy promo video
Promotional video
Promotional video 2

Audio Pawedcast
How Spot fits into Puppys future audio
ogg format aprox. 3MB better quality
MP3 format aprox. 3MB

Features 0f 5.3 (known as Spup Slacko during development)
  • Built from latest Spup Woof with high Slackware binary compatibility
  • Min spec P3 600 with 256 RAM
  • 32bit priority (64 bit version on hold and MAY come later / not planned)
  • Goal of under 100MB ISO using xz compression built into 2.6.8 series kernels, with "200 line patch"
  • Porteus module compatibility
  • Seamonkey, Transmission bit torrent and xchat IRC chat included
  • KDE Trinity, E17, fonts etc support as SFS modules
  • Simple English Docs
  • Gettext being used in all GUI scripts for internationalization
  • Bug tracking (not yet implemented)
  • Slickpet updated Quickpet, updated Puppy programs
  • Most secure Puppy ever
    • If possible, Firewall on by default
    • Run as Fido, Spot or root as a choice
    • Security dialogue on first booting, education rather than FUD, unmounting, benefits of encryption, use of passwords, running from DVD benefits etc.
    • Panic button, disconnect from Internet (see icons bottom right of browser)
  • Enhanced snapshot by radky
  • Automatic 'personal storage file growth'/movement into a swap file
  • boot menu
  • Xpupsay dialogue as used in Snowpuppy
  • Sorting out Browser/Flash incompatibilities on AMD dual core processors
  • More than 6 SFS available
  • Possible browser choice SFS
  • Menu Simplification - menu systems all need to be dragged up-to-date, such as giving the ability to drag application items between menu groups, create new groups, and hide groups not generally used until 'a menu spot is touched' or a new pet requiring that default group.
  • An actual Recycle Bin. Deleted files go automatically to the Recycle Bin, which can be emptied. People expect this--numerous times in Puppy I have seen my mistake right after hitting Delete.
  • An Audio Control Panel. It should let me select which of my cards will be Default--and change that easily. It should also contain a nicer mixer--retrovol works, and alsmixergui works, but better looking, more intuitive apps. Because my M-Audio card is controlled through alsamixer my wife encountered it the other night and my Puppy work lost some credibility around this house Wink This is another thing people have come to expect.
  • One Application per function by default
  • All applications on install give you the option of an on screen shortcut
  • On screen info messages with close button rather than timer eg. initial boot up message
  • A ppm userset directory (defaults to /root/pets) and matching auto-indexing ppm entry point that users can place pets from other sources into and install / remove via the ppm.
  • As in Lucid, boot to desktop, quickset, browser installer (for alternatives to Seamonkey) and Quickpet/Slickpet
  • Configurable menus
  • GUI setup tool for the personal storage file
  • Puppy Universal Installer bug fixes

Spot the Puppy
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