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====Slacko 5x index page====

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== What is Slacko? ==
~Slacko is a series of Puppy releases (5.3+ with the code name Slacko), uses the latest Puppy [[Woof Woof 2]] build code, programs and scripts. It has high Slackware binary software packages compatibility (hence is a [[Spup]]). It was created by the lead developer [[Micko]] and the community. Including months of testing, upgrades and updates. Includes hardware recognition, programs and scripts unique to Puppy. (Not to be confused with Barry's [[PrecisePuppy Precise Puppy 5.4x]]).

==Slacko quotes==
~//Slacko Puppy 5.3.3 offers something for everyone, whether for work or play, all in under **115 megabytes!**//

==Slacko releases==
~**[[Slacko57 Slacko 5.7]]** - Released March 2014
~[[Slacko56 Slacko 5.6]] - (released 13th August 2013) improved version of 5.5 with newer kernel
~[[Slacko55 Slacko 5.5]] - (released March 2013) improved version of 5.4 with newer kernel
~[[Puppy54 Slacko 5.4]] - Slackware 14 compatibility [[ thread]]
~[[Puppy533 Slacko 5.3.3]] - [[ thread]]
~[[Puppy531 Slacko 5.3.1]] - Slackware 13.37 compatibility

==Slacko Derivatives ==
~[[Slacko6index|Slacko 6 index]] - newer versions of Slacko
~[[FatSlacko]] - common software added
~[[ThinSlacko]] - stripped down Slacko
~[[SlackoXL]] - full-featured, cd-sized puplet

==Also on Wiki==
~[[videodriverslacko Install Video drivers in Slacko]]
~[[Puppy5Index Puppy 5 index]] - Lucid and Slacko
~[[PrecisePuppy]] - Precise by [[BarryK]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Slacko Homepage]]
~[[ Slacko 5.4 Homepage]]
~[[ Slacko 5.3 Homepage]]
~[[ Install directly from Windows exe]]
~[[ 5.3 Mirrored on shino]]
~[[ Pets and sfs files for Slacko builds up to but not including slacko 5.4=> (archive.orf)]]

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