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Puppy 5.3 Beta 5++ Download

'What is Slacko'?
Puppy 5.3 uses Puppy code and continues the Lucid tradition but uses more efficient Slackware rather than Ubuntu binaries along with the latest releases of Woof
Slacko uses Puppy scripts, programs and Slackware binaries and we call this an Spup. Slacko offers high compatibility with Slackware for developers.

How does this fit in with other Puppy versions?
Previous versions of Puppy are Wary, a conservative design for older hardware, Lucid Puppy 528 and Racy. Quirky is used to test new ideas from Barry Kauler, the original creator of Puppy.
Dpup (Puppy + Debian) is designated as Puppy 6, currently being developed by Dejan555 and Iguleder
Saluki Puppy rewrite is likely to move up to Puppy 7
Puppy 8 is likely to offer x86, ARM and 64 bit versions and have support for tablet, phone, touch, cloud and Android features

Main Slacko Features
Built from Woof with high Slackware binary compatibility
Slickpet development of Quickpet - easily adds major programs such as Gimp, Wine, Pidgin and accelerated graphic drivers
Seamonkey major default browser ready installed (others easily available from Slickpet)
Transmission bit torrent installed
Xchat IRC chat installed
Audio improvements. eg. audio and recording in Mhwavedit works
Puppy Phone (Slickpet add on)
Security Fido Non root initiative
Growl Security hardening
LibreOffice Easy GUI installation

Official Puppy 5.3 'Slacko' forum thread

Detailed features of 5.3 (known as Spup 'Slacko' and Spot (early Alpha name) during development
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