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Download Release Candidate post 2004 machines (later kernel)
124M (k2.6.37.6) pre 2004 machines
Forum link and Md5sum

Compile stuff please, post pet.specs, make sure it's compiled in Slacko!
I'm out of town for about 10 days in half an hour.

What is Slacko?
Puppy 5.3 uses Puppy Woof code, programs and scripts combined with high compatibility for Slackware developers.

Main Slacko Features
Slickpet development of Quickpet - easily adds major programs such as Gimp, Wine, Pidgin and accelerated graphic drivers
Seamonkey major default browser ready installed (others easily available from Slickpet eg. Tor Browser)
Joes Window Manager updated
Xchat IRC chat installed
Transmission bit torrent
Geany programming IDE and editor
Leafpad simple editor
Audio improvements, eg. audio and recording in Mhwavedit working
Puppy Phone (Slickpet add on)
Optional Slickpet Cloud feature eg. Twitter, Facebook and Gmail icons
Security Fido Non root initiative
Growl Security hardening
LibreOffice Easy GUI installation

Pet logo

Detailed features of 5.3
  • Min recommended spec P3 600 with 256 RAM (will work slower on less)
  • Pns-tool Wi-fi support
  • Many software support modules (SFS) and pets (Puppy prepared programs)
  • Simple English Docs
  • Gettext being used in all GUI scripts for internationalization
  • Slickpet updated Quickpet, updated Puppy programs
  • Most secure Puppy ever
  • Enhanced snapshot by radky
  • Flash optional, offered as download if needed
  • More than 6 SFS available as modules at any one time
  • GUI setup tool for the personal storage file
  • Puppy Universal Installer bug fixes
  • Messages colour scheme
  • Yellow: next-step
    Violet: announcement
    Green: success, completion
    Pink: warning
    Red: error
    Orange: pending, in-progress
    Blue: information

How does Slacko compare with other Puppy versions?
Previous versions of Puppy are Wary, a conservative design for older hardware, Lucid Puppy 528 and Racy.
Quirky is used to test new ideas from Barry Kauler, the original creator of Puppy.
Dpup (Puppy + Debian) is designated as Puppy 6, currently being developed by Dejan555 and Iguleder
Saluki Puppy rewrite is likely to move up to Puppy 7
Puppy 8 is likely to offer x86, ARM and 64 bit versions and have support for tablet, phone, touch, cloud and Android features
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