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====Puppy 5 Index====
~At the beginning of the 5xx series, the paradigm shifted to Puppy being built from and compatible with packages from other distros. Although, compatibility hasn't always been 100%.

~Thus it satisfied various user needs for access to the package [[repository]] of a major distribution, while retaining the Puppy minimalist philosophy, usability and speed. Two options where created, [[Precise]] (Ubuntu compatible) maintained by BarryK and [[Slacko]] (5.3+, Slackware compatible) maintained by [[Micko]] and the community.
~There is also the older, now nonofficial, Lucid Puppy (, Ubuntu compatible) maintained by RErwin but whose lead developer (5.0 - 5.29) was [[Playdayz]].

~[[PrecisePuppy]] - Ubuntu compatible maintained by BarryK
~[[Slacko]] - Slackware maintained by [[Micko]] and the community
~[[Lucid]] - older Ubuntu compatible, developed by [[Playdayz]] and maintained by [[RErwin]].

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