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====Puppy 6====

**Developers** Iguleder; Ttuuxxx, Joe (""BigBass""), Technosaurus
**Testers** Stripe, Lobster, 8bit

//'I can help with the graphics, and compile a great portion of the apps
needed once a barebones base has been created
and make some scripts aesthetically pleasing to the eyes' //
Jeff (Ttuuxxx)

//'The kernel makes the OS, the packages make the distro
creative people make it happen in real time'//

//'I can only offer limited help with testing further along'//

//Cool dog.
Great project.
The world's most wonderful developers.
Could it get any better?//

//Go Dawgs!//

==**Part 1: Making the Puppy**==
**Step 1**
Create a bootstrap development environment

**Step 2**
Perfect the build system

**Step 3**
Compile Packages

* Compile from scratch for maximum speed and performance
* Create a new build system that supports multiple platforms, with a user friendly package manager, and a well stocked repository

**Potential Features:**
* Flash -lite
* Replace Rox with ""PcmanFM""
* ""CompCache"" compressed RAM
* [[ This sort of 'instant SFS' approach]]

==**Part 2: Testing the Puppy and cutting out the fat**==
* Should work out of the box, with quick links to get started
* Should try to be under 100 MB, possibly with a "fatted" version that is slightly larger
* A list of programs and sizes should be made to show where the fat can be cut
* Should be amazingly fast with very few background processes
* Should boot to a desktop as fast as possible, possibly backgrounding some loading scripts

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