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Slacko6 - Spup built with WoofCE
Tahrpup - Upup built with WoofCE

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Comment by
2010-09-19 14:47:50
SAMBA as a Potential Feature would really help Puppy along.
Comment by
2010-09-20 18:46:50
Rather than Samba. or perhaps as an equal choice, I would like to see a user friendly GUI for NFS. The native Linux way should be the optimum choice, particularly as it out-performs Samba.

I like Rox.
Comment by
2010-09-29 20:16:31
Rox with a DuDe overlay! I do like rox as it's easy to work with, nearly on the level of liking my darling "teady bear".

Not sure what part of samba is needed, a client is ok but with puppy running as root, do we want a server running? Only if it could be setup as a "nobody" user I think! ?A replacement, maybe not, as most are familiar with samba, a replacement would need a very good gui as well as an easy to use ascii interface to compete.

I would consider two or three kernals needed, one for retro small ram and dialup, one to cover asdl/sat/wireless etc. with a ram size of 1-4gig, one for the "latest and greatest" hardware. Just to keep in with the puppy "all round" image, which is "one of the puppy edges".

Modems, wireless and other things:
I was wondering what load to the kernal would ocurr to have the kernal components their in the build, but all the drivers, modem specific libs, links, etc have their own .pet? Same for the wireless bits and pieces? If we went axfs could even have then autoinstall/autoload as part of installation probe routines, if not needed they aren't.

Comment by darkcity
2011-11-12 12:32:29
Is Puppy 6 codename Saluki?
Comment by CrustyLobster
2012-01-05 23:11:52
It was Saluki and can be again . . . that is up to Jemimah . . . Basically Saluki has changed and is no longer 'Puppy from scratch'
Saluki MAY become Puppy 6 or Puppy 5.4
Dpup is very much the idea for 6 - if one emerges and the disparate developers collaborate
Early days. :)
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