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Puppy Menu

The Puppy Menu has links for the most frequently used software and tools.

It can be accessed in the following ways:
  • clicking on the 'Menu'/'Puppy face' button on the panel's left-hand side
  • by right-clicking the desktop.
  • by pressing F12 (in JWM)


When the desktop is empty and few windows are opened, it is more convenient to open it by right-clicking the desktop, because most if its area is free. However, when many windows are open, it is hard to find where to right-click it, so the button is more useful in such cases.


The menu is sorted by application categories. For instance, applications that deal with graphics are contained inside the "Graphic" sub-menu and internet-related applications can be found under "Internet".

To start an application, enter its sub-menu by moving your mouse on it, then, click the application's name or icon once to start it.

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