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>>@@{{image url="" title="Puppy School - coming soon" alt="Puppy School"}}@@>>
@@ //Welcome to **Puppy [[ Hacker]] School**. {{color text="Crackers" c="green"}}[[ go here]]@@
<< Help on [[ the forum]], [[ChatRoom IRC chatroom]] or [[PuppyPhone soft phone]]//

[[Eclipse]] Ide
[[PuppySchoolHackingHomework Advanced Language resources]]
[[ Record Desktop]] Tutors resource and code tutorial<<

{{color text="New" c="red"}} [[ Wikiversity]]
[[ 7 week course]] from udacity
[[ Introduction to programming]]
[[ Computer Science]] at Khan Academy

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**Hacker School distros for advanced Puppys**
[[ SalukiPy]] Puppy Programming Puplet {{color text="New" c="red"}} [[ Supporting RaspberryPy blog]] from antiloquax and Lobster
[[ roar-ng and Subito GNU/Linux]]
[[ Pussy]]

**My First Bash**
[[ First Bash Script]] video
//Change the permissions of a script to run. Right click and change permissions//

**My First Variable**
Introduces **input** (the read command)
and **variables**
The read command changes the variables each program run

echo "enter two numbers"
read a b
echo "$a + $b = $c"
# or
let c="$a+$b"
echo "$a + $b is $c"

**Instant Bash**

3 lessons starting with a Puppy style 'Hello world'
#! /bin/bash
# 16 Dec 2011 Lobster
# Example 1 hello world example

xpupsay "hello world"
xpupsay "puppy power"%%
[[ Speak Puppy]] a first programming effort
[[ Supporting video tutorial]]
[[ Example usage video]] Buddhist cyber shrine

{{color text="New" c="red"}} [[ Problem and solution]] Below for code

# Randomly changes the wallpaper at fixed time intervals

INTERVAL=10 # in seconds

while true; do
WALLPAPER=`ls /usr/share/backgrounds | sort -R | head -1`
set_bg "/usr/share/backgrounds/$WALLPAPER"
Adjust the time interval to your needs, save the script as "randomwallpaper" to /root/Startup and make it executable.
Now click on it.
To stop the script, open terminal and type:
killall randomwallpaper

**More Bash Script**
[[ The Text-User Interface]]
[[ Have a bash]]
[[ Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide]]

**Bash Script GUI**
[[ Simple GUI example]] to hack from Lobster
[[ GTK with Bash script]] may require forum registration
[[ Advanced GUI server]]

**Bacon with Barry Kauler**
Bacon is a BASIC language to C converter written in Bash Script
[[ Bacon Tutorials]]
[[ another slice]] may need forum registration

Requires devx. [[ValaGenieintro Puppy Vala and Genie Intro]]

Pharo is an implementation of Squeak, which is a unique version of the programming language 'Smalltalk'
[[ Download and click on the pharo zip file]]
run the shellscript """" you find in the folder/directory
Pharo is now running
[[ Now use the built in tutorial]]

[[ Squeak and Scratch]]

[[ Because you're Wirth it]]

{{color text="New" c="red"}} [[PythonLearn Learn Python]] from Puppy School has its own page

**C and ""C++""**
[[ Programming in C]]
{{color text="New" c="red"}} [[ Back to Basics]] with Joel
[[ Test your knowledge of the absolute basics of C++]]

**[[ Ruby]] with code academy**
Learn to code in Python. Ruby and Javascript from your browser . . .

**Maths and more**
[[ Project Euler]] programming to solve maths problems

**more languages**
~see [[HowToProgramming How To Program]]

The [[Devx]] programming developer SFS is required for Puppy compiling programming for anything beyond Bash script
{{color text="New" c="red"}} [[ Getting the Puppy Development system video]] Devx in Puppy 5.3.1
Go to Slickpet / SFS tab and click on the GNU compiler button
[[compiling]] in C and other languages is available
[[ Compiling]] (forum registration required)

**New Run**
Process for a new run from DVD booting

First Preparing
1. backup html bookmarks (onto HD)
2. move any essential files to hard disk
3. download and burn ISO

Now first run
1. use 'puppy pfix=ram' as the boot command (start typing when **boot:** appears on screen) I do this on first boot but is not required for new users
2. Turn on firewall from icon bar bottom right, left clicking runs wizard
3. Do a save after initial set up, I now do max 4GB saves
4. Click on 'Setup' top row of icons for tweaking
5. Use the 'connect' icon. Ethernet is auto connected.
6. In Rox options/thumbnails/show images - I prefer to see images in folders
7. Add my own backgrounds from Hard Drive (usr/share/backgrounds)
8. Change icons. Adjust the style of the clock with Menu -> General Utilities -> PupClockset manager.
9. Put on pup ad blocker, import bookmarks

[[PARM Coming soon . . .]]

**Create your own Linux Distribution** //coming soon . . .//
[[ video tutorial]] with Sneaky Linux

Before you remaster, you need to

1. rename /usr/sbin/xorgwizard to /usr/sbin/xorg-setup
2. copy the attached xorgwizard into /usr/sbin. ( right-click -> Save As)

What is happening is that on first boot, the attached xorgwizard runs and Lucid boots to the desktop, then it renames xorg-setup to xorgwizard so that users can run xorgwizard. Sneaky, huh?

You also need to change the permissions on /root/Startup/fullstart. You could do that during the remastering process when it gives you a chance to adjust files in /root. The way I do it is to right-click and choose Permissions. So if the name fullstart turns green that means the permissions are correct for it to run on first boot.

creating a md5sum
# md5sum Lucid_Tmxxine-v1.iso > md5sumtxt
[[ remastering example]]

[[ Woof2]] beyond remastering {{color text="Advanced " c="red"}}

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