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====Puppy Universal Installer====
~**Puppy Universal Installer** is standard in most Puppy versions. It will install Puppy [[InstallationFrugal Frugally]] or [[InstallationFullHDD Fully]] to harddrive or other boot media. Note, Puppy works well as a frugal installation. It allows very specific installations, to USB, SATA or IDE hard drives (including a CF (Compact Flash) card plugged into a IDE adaptor.

==Preparation of Drives==
~You may need to setup the [[WikiPedia:Disk_partitioning partitions]] on your harddrive or boot device, you can do this with [[GParted]].

==Making the Installation==
~The Universal Installer is default in most Puppy Version.

~**1.** Required is a copy of a live-CD iso, or Puppy installation.

~**2.** Load up Puppy and then select Puppy Universal Installer from the Puppy menu:

~// PuppyMenu > Setup > Puppy Universal Installer //

~**3.** Follow the step by-step instructions.

==Also see==
~[[GParted GParted for setting up drive partitions]]
~[[UnetBootin UnetBootin for making a bootable USB in Windows or Mac OS]]
~[[BootFlash BootFlash making a bootable USB in Puppy Linux]]
~[[BootLoaders Boot Loaders]]
~[[BootParameters Boot Parameters]]
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