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Puppy Versions List (AKA the big list)

Also see page about Puppy Versions Under Development

NameKernelSizeWindow Manager
Puppy 4.312.6.30.5, or JWM
Official release, works well on a wide range of computersannouncement pup-431.iso download
Puppy 129MB Openbox, JWM
Lastest Version of Puppy5.2x Lucid (Ubuntu based)
forum announcement
Puppy 5.3.1 Slacko2.6.38.4 132MB JWM
Good wireless detection, Slackware based
Puppy 5.3.3 Slacko JWM
Lastest Version of Slacko, Slackware based new kernel
Quirky 111MB -
Barrys latest cutting edge Puppy
Quirky 123.7MB -
Cutting edge Puppy using Xorg 7.3 and older kernel
Racy 5.3- - JWM
Racy is small and fast for modern hardware. 5.3 has better language support.
download announcement
Wary5.3- - JWM
Good support for older hardware, 5.3 has better language support.
download announcement

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Language Versions


NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
AttackPup LightHouse Pup 4.43 - - -
Puppy with BackTrack features for penetration testing
Barebones 2.02 - - - FVWM
Puppy 1.0.3 for slow connections that uses the dillo browser (no Firefox, Opera or Mozilla) and notably does not include Abiword
Barebones 5(Lucid) - - 91.8MB -
Minimal version of Puppy 5
Breeezy - - 80MB JWM
By RaffyM for the ASUS Eee PC (also available as live CD of 80 MB for other machines)
website download
BrowserLinux 501 Puppy51 - 93MB -
BrowserLinux is a fast and small for surfing the web.
link download
ClusterPup - - - -
Creating a Puppy supercomputer, simplifies setting of mpich cluster
DPup Extrimo 5.X.7 NextPuppy 139MB JWM, Enlightenment
A Dpup based on Next Puppy with different Window manager and applications
forum, download
Fatdog64-520 - - 184MB -
Fatdog is an all 64bit version of Linux built from source packages using T2 and using Puppy Linux scripts and structure.
FatFree Puppy 2.17 - 51MB JWM
2.17 cutdown to add your own pets
forum download post
Fluppy 013 Puppeee 150MB IceWM, FLWM, OpenBox
This is Puppeee with Eee-specific functionality removed and a full size kernel and a full Xorg with DRI, Mesa, and Nouveau.
Guy Dog 5.0.1 dpup 105 MB Openbox tint2
minimalistic, small, elegant, speed, innovative and full-featured puplet.
forum screenshot
InsidiousPuppy001- - -
Its key features are high Debian and Lucid Puppy compatibility, a good selection of applications (through Debian's repositories), an excellent multimedia stack and good hardware support.
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
*update* ISys/OSPuppeee---
Puppeee based with Dutch Kernel, Firefox 9.0, UnrealIRCD, Hiawatha 7.3, and more
thread Screenshot
*update* LazyPuppy 5.28-004 Puppy 5.28-004 198MB iceWM, JWM, openbox
Polished version of 5.28 with a great selection of software available as SFSs, also has German translations
thread screenshot
Legacy OS 2 - - - IceWM
Designed specifically for older PCs - saving hardware which would be landfilled.
LightHouse Puppy 5.03 G - - - iceWM, JWM, lxde, openbox
Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system.
LightHouse Puppy 64bit 5.14.2 - - - -
Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system. 64bit Version
homepage forum
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
Mac Pup 520 Puppy52 - 174MB Enlightenment E17
All the apps from Puppy 5 with the Enlightenment E17 window manager
Mac Pup 525 Puppy525 - 155 MB Enlightenment E17
All the apps from Puppy 5 with the Enlightenment E17 window manager
MijnPup52 Puppy52 - 279MB -
MijnPup is a fast remastered Puppy including LibreOffice and FireFox.
link forum
*new* MetroPuppy Puppy525 - - -
This Puppy windows8-like. Tiles which is solved in conky. Help from Bigyula, Apa666 and Hungarian members.
forum screenshot
MpdPup - - 60MB -
For building a dedicated music server as a replacement for traditional CD transports.
NextPuppy 5.0.1 Alpha 3DPup 73MB WindowMaker
Lighweight and compatible with both old and new hardware, low memory consumption.
thread next-5.0.1 download
NOP4.31Puppy431 - - -
Nearly Office Puppy, GNU office apps remove, ready for OpenOffice to be added
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
Polarpup 005 Puppy5 2.6.39-3218 MB JWM or IceWM
Has QT 4.8.0 and gstreamer libs built in, also includes Gstreamer are Clementine, and Qmmp.
Polarpup-005 download folder, thread
PUPnGO Puppy 4.3.1- 6MB optional
Basic Building Block Puplet
Puppeee 4.3X Puppy 4.3.1- 129MB IceWM, FLWM, OpenBox
Puppeee is an ultralight, user-friendly Linux distribution for the EeePC
Puppeee Arcade 10 Puppeee 4.3X - - -
A Eee PC distro with the fast FireDog browser suite, easier save-file management, 3D acceleration enabled as standard, great gaming options.
Puppy2.14X (top9) Puppy2 - - JWM
Vastly updated version of Puppy 2.14, good for old hardware
214X-top9.iso download, forum
Puppy525RetroPuppy525 130MB JWM
Rebuilding of 525 with the kernel and drivers from the reliable Puppy 4.31.
Puppy 5.29- 135MB Openbox, JWM
Not the successor to 5.28, experimental version with newer kernel for newer machines.
*new*PuppyNightKDEPuppy 5.28 - 395MB KDE
With KDE 4.6.3 and numerous additional programs, Spanish version available
homepage forum screenshot download
PupRescue 2.3 Puppy5.28 - 292MB -
Rescue tool for Windows systems that has died, got a virus, needs cleaning. Include tools to wipe hard drives, clone drives, find duplicate files and recover lost files.
forum PupRescue-2.3 download
Puppy Arcade 10 - - - -
Features lots of emulators, a BIOS installer and frontend downloaders and a cabinet-friendly, multi-emulator rom-loader, supports fullscreen and joypad navigation.
*update* Pussy Linux Debian 2.6.32-5-bigmem 228.2MB JWM
A cut down and 'Puppyified' version of Debian, aims to be 100% compatible with Debian repositories
info and download thread screenshot
QEMUPuppy - - - -
Visualization of Puppy to boot on other OSs.
QtPuppy Wary 5.22 - - -
Based on a basic-bones Wary with application development tool Qt4-4.7.4
QtPuppy help thread QtPuppy murga thread
QuirkyNOP - - - -
Nearly office Quirky. Choose if you want Open/Libre Office or GNU apps.
*update* RacyNOP 5.2.2 r1Racy 5.2.2 123MB 3.0.7 Xfce
For modern hardware, no office apps, add LibreOffice if needed, Thunar file manager
thread screenshot
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager
Rexbang 2.4 - - - -
inspired by CrunchBang & ArchBang. Thunar file manager & Pidgin instant messenger have been added.
*new* Saluki Racy 5.2.2 2.6.39 i686 SMP PREEMPT 118MB Xfce
For computers less than 5 years, the focus is user friendliness, innovation, improved look and feel, and solid, functional applications. forum download folder screenshot
SailPup 5.25 Puppy525 - 384MB JWM OpenBox
Some network-tools and seachart-viewer are added. Further a grib-file-viewer and some other sailing-stuff.
forum downloads (u:puppy p:linux)
SlimPup 3.1 Puppy525 - OpenBox
Looks like Crunchbang, but more lightweight since it's Puppy. Eliminates cluttered menus by having a more concise menu.
homepage download
*new* SolidPup 5.1.1 Wary 5.1.1 114 MB IceWM OpenBox
Designed to be user-friendly, while still trying to keep the size small. Can run on newer computers, but is designed for older ones.
SolidPup511-Final.iso download forum
SpeakPup V0.05 Puppy 2.17 - 90.3 MB -
Customised for blind people featuring screen reader, speech server and soft brailler
blog forum
SPup100 - - - -
Slackware base compile
SuliPuppyEN Browserlinux -124 MB JWM
Education programs, english , author kros54
download forum
ThinkLinux Quirky 1.2- - JWM
Think Linux
Three-Headed Dog (Puppy529) Puppy 5.28 - - JWM, Openbox
Based on Puppy 528 using a newer kernel
TXZpup 4.5 - 117MB -
Compatible with Slackware binaries , built using standard linux tools, TXZ package management.
Precise - 3.3.2 - -
Upup based on Precise Pangolin
Wary5x Puppy431 107MB JWM
wary 5.1.1 retro with 217/431 base.
WaryNOP - - - -
Nearly office Wary
Wary Watcher 511Wary511- 191MB -
Video surveillance systems
XOPup 2.2 Puppy 5.11 2.6.35 or 2.6.31115.6MB -
Supports the One Laptop Per Child hardware.
Xp-like _Puppy_ENG to update QEMU-puppy 2.17 to 4.0? 1 - 146 MB IceWM
author s-kami
NameDerivative ofKernelSizeWindow Manager

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