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====Puppy Versions Under Development====
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==List of Developing Puppies==
~[[Puppi]] - Puppy specifically for the Raspberry Pi which is ARM v6. Now under active experimentation and development. Puppi is a port to specific ARM hardware - the [[ Raspberry Pi]] motherboard.
~[[ Drake - Puppy + Mageia (beta)]]
~[[ Dpup - Puppy + Debian (alpha)]]

==Forthcoming table==

||[[Fatdog Fatdog 600]] ||Latest 64 bit Puppy - Alpha ||[[ thread]]
||Fork of Saluki-023 which was targeting newer computers.
||[[ Carolina post]] {{image url="" link="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot" height="100"}}
||[[SlackoNews Puppy 5.3.5 Slacko]]
||Slacko with newer kernel and updates
||[[ forum link]]
||[[QtPuppy QtPuppy 2]]
||Version 2 is based on Mageia
||[[ thread]] [[ QtPuppy Alpha download page]]
||Puppy specifically for the ""RapsberryPi"" which is ""ARMv6""
||[[ thread]]
||ARM based devices are getting cheaper and faster. One device called the [[ Raspberry Pi]] has excited developers enough to start making a Puppy ARM derivative. BarryK is also experimenting with the Mele A1000 and A2000 which uses an ""ARMv7"" device.
||[[ thread]] [[ Barry's Blog]]
||Designed from the ground up for use as a base system for puplet developers. Remix your own perfect, production quality puplet in 15 minutes or less. Targeting newer computers. Version 023 nearly complete.
||[[ blog]] [[ forum thread]][[ alt forum thread]] {{image url="" link="" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot" height="100"}}
||Compile from scratch for maximum speed and performance. Create a new build system that supports multiple platforms, with a user friendly package manager, and a well stocked repository
||[[ thread]]

~-[[Racy]] is recommended for language translators. Important bug fixes and enhancements for better and more complete translation. Run MoManager and review translations, also you might find more to do in the 'doc_strings' category.

==Also on the Wiki==
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