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There is a lot of choice and possibilities within Puppy. Our latest official Puppy 5.3.1 'Slacko' is out and highly Slackware compatible. Recommended for most new users. Slacko is not compatible with Lucid which has been our recommended Puppy for the last two years. Clean installs are recommended for new Puppy versions.
A version of Slacko with a newer Linux kernel is being developed - see below.
For older hardware Wary 5.2 might be more efficient. Puppy Wary is compiled in Puppy using a mature kernel.
Racy combines Wary and the up to date 3.04 Linux kernel. Wary/Racy 5.3 is being developed.
Unique configurations of Puppy (puplets) exist. For those migrating from Windows or hardware less than 5 years old Saluki may be a good choice.
Expected in 2012 is our first port to specific ARM hardware with PARM for the Raspberry Pi motherboard. This will lead to further support for other ARM powered devices.

Long Term Support Wary old hardware Racy newer hardware

Developing is recommended for language translators. Important bug fixes and enhancements for better and more complete translation.
Run MoManager and review translations, also you might find more to do in the 'doc_strings' category.
Puppy 5.3.3 'Slacko' RC2 - new kernel
Fatdog 64-bit only
Saluki 012 beta developing
Drake Puppy + Mageia (beta)
Dpup Puppy + Debian (alpha)
New Upup Puppy + Ubuntu Precise Pangolin LTS (planned)

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