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====""PupSave Backup""====
~**""PupSave Backup""** backs up the SaveFile (also known as ""PupSave"" file).
~Auto-detects the current savefile.
~Generates the backup file name with the date and time appended.
~Checks the available space for the backup file.
~Will not perform the backup if anything is incorrect.
~Displays real-time status and progress feedback.
~Supports [[2fs]] and [[3fs]] save file types.

|=| **Compatible with** || [[Puppy2 Classic Pup 214X, Puppy 4.12]], [[Puppy5Index Lucid Pups 5.1.1, 5.2.0, 5.2.8(Bash 4.1)]], [[Wary Wary 5.1.99 alpha]], [[LighthousePuppy Lighthouse Pup 503 G (Bash 4.1)]] ||
|=| **Dependencies** || Dependencies here ||

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~Install an appropriate software package:
~[[ PupsaveBackup thread]]

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