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~**""SlickPet""** is the ""QuickPet"" feature for [[Slacko]] Puppy. It is an easy-to-use cut-down version of the [[PPM Puppy Package Manager]]. It highlights some of the most popular additional software used with Puppy. By simply clicking on one of the icons shown in the application it can install a [[SFS]] or [[PET]] package.
~""Slick/QuickPet"" can be accessed by its desktop icon or from the menu
~// Puppy Menu > Setup > Puppy Setup > Quickpet Install Popular Programs //

~All the packages used by ""Slick/QuickPet"" are also available in the Puppy Package manager, or PPM.

~**""QuickPet""** is the what ""SlickPet"" was based on, first seen in [[Lucid]] Puppy 5.2x.

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