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====Quirky 6.0====
~A project to explore new ideas for Linux, developed by [[BarryK]]. In a nutshell, Quirky 6 is intended to be as small as possible (hence compiled from source in [[T2]]), very fast, very simple, and optimised to run on Flash memory media. There are other extended ideas that are in the pipeline.

==Goals of ""Quirky6""==
~ No [[Unionfs]]/[[Aufs]] (no layered filesystem).
~ Deployed as a USB-stick/SD-card image only.
~ Optimised for Flash, using [[f2fs]].
~ No [[mesa]], no [[llvm]].
~ [[Xorg]] has modesetting, vesa drivers only.
~ No [[initrd.gz]].
~ No dbus.
~ [[GTK|GTK 2.20.1.]]

~ very simple replacement for [[udev]]. Using [[eudev]], without rules
~ Run [[cupsd]] only when printing.
~ Install and uninstall [[SFS]] files.
~ Simplified version upgrade (and downgrade).
~ Auditing, allowing rollback (system recovery).
~ Child-proofing. Optional, make PC hard drives invisible.

~[[ ibiblio]]

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