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Quirky 6.0

A project to explore new ideas for Linux, developed by BarryK. In a nutshell, Quirky 6 is intended to be as small as possible (hence compiled from source in T2), very fast, very simple, and optimised to run on Flash memory media. There are other extended ideas that are in the pipeline.

Goals of Quirky6
No Unionfs/Aufs (no layered filesystem).
Deployed as a USB-stick/SD-card image only.
Optimised for Flash, using f2fs.
No mesa, no llvm.
Xorg has modesetting, vesa drivers only.
No initrd.gz.
No dbus.
GTK 2.20.1.

very simple replacement for udev. Using eudev, without rules
Run cupsd only when printing.
Install and uninstall SFS files.
Simplified version upgrade (and downgrade).
Auditing, allowing rollback (system recovery).
Child-proofing. Optional, make PC hard drives invisible.


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