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Racy is built with 3.0.7 SMP (multiprocessor) PAE kernel.
(not 64 bit though)

operating system developed by BarryK

Racy Puppy is "Wary on steriods" for those who have current hardware. It features the 3.0.7 kernel and 7.6. Racy boots straight into X on first boot and launches its Quick Setup facility. (In contrast, Wary Puppy runs text-mode configuration dialogs and the Xorg Wizard before starting X.) Racy is a tad smaller ISO than Wary because it strips out dial-up modem support. Racy and Wary share a common package repository, so current apps are common to both systems.

Racy 5.3 release improved language support
Racy 5.2.2 release
Bugs and feedback report thread

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