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~Version of [[Wary]] with newer kernel for newer hardware. Developed by BarryK.
~Racy using T2's Version 9.0 will be called Puppy T290 - scsijon
~**New:** Racy 5.5: [[ release announcement]]
~Racy 5.3: [[ release announcement]] | [[ forum thread]] | [[ download]]
~Racy 5.2.2: [[ release announcement]]; [[ forum thread]]

==Software available==
~[[]]Collection by German forum member

==French version==
~[[]] Toutou RolxA 5.5

~//Racy Puppy is "[[Wary]] on steriods" for those who have current hardware. It features the 3.0.7 kernel and 7.6. Racy boots straight into X on first boot and launches its Quick Setup facility. (In contrast, Wary Puppy runs text-mode configuration dialogs and the [[Xorg]] Wizard before starting X.) Racy is a tad smaller ISO than Wary because it strips out dial-up modem support. Racy and Wary share a common package repository, so current apps are common to both systems.//
~[[ OSNews Review]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Barebones Racy53 Barebones]]
~[[Wary]] - Racy built for older computer

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Racy 5.3 release announcement]] - improved language support
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