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~Retrovol is a GUI volume mix control. Its an alternative to terminal [[AlsaMixer]] tool. It is included in most Puppy versions and displayed on the systray (usually on the right side of the [[panel]]). The software was created by [[pizzasgood]].

~{{image url="" width="150"}} {{image url="" width="150"}}

~Right-click on the speaker icon on the panel:
~~Full window - opens all the volume and audio settings
~~Config window - configure app and select soundcard, it has three tabs
~~~Main - graphic and volume control settings
~~~Tray - setting for panel icon and slider
~~~Hardware - pick soundcard, ##hw:0## means use soundcard 0 (as defined by ALSA), also set sliders to be active

==Retrovol not showing==
~Sometimes when Retrovol won't start (and therefore doesn't show) is because it is not configured correctly.
~The configuration file is located at ##~/.retrovolrc##, can be edited as text. (.<name> files are 'hidden', left-clicking on the eye in the [[ROXfiler ROX filer]] window will show these files.)

~##retrovol -v## - returns version
~##retrovol -h## - returns help

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Alsamixer]] - set sound levels from the command line
~[[SoundWizard]] - configures soundcard/s

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Retrovol 1.3 thread]]
~[[ retrovol source (github)]]

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