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====ROX Application Directories (ROX-App-Dirs)====
~Although the [[ROXFiler ROX Filer]] is used in many Puppy versions, the ROX Desktop Environment as a whole is not. ROX has the concept of using self contained **Application directories** (as its model, Risc OS, did). These directories would include program's help files, images, binaries and possibly other things. However, in Puppy most applications are installed to various places within the standard the [[RootFS Linux Root FS]].

==Location and linking==
~The location for ROX-App-Dirs is ##/usr/local/apps##

~Sometime the MIME-type directories link these directories.

~Standard files inside the directories are-
~~Appinfo.xml - information about app in xml
~~""AppRun"" - script to run program
~~"".DirIcon"" - image file icon for directory (many apps have an icon stored in ##/usr/share/pixmaps## which you can link)

~These typically contain the following - using [[AbiWord]] as an example-

~Appinfo.xml -
~~%%<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Summary>Abiword text editor</Summary>

~""AppRun"" -
exec abiword "$@"%%
~The ##"$@"## passes the file clicked on to the application.

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