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DOWNLOAD Luki 005 for testing and feedback
Delta files (update a previous download)
Extra Pets

Project manager and tech lead
The focus will be user friendliness, innovation, artistic look and feel, and solid, functional applications.
We are currently experimenting with keeping the base system and the applications separate.
At the moment Saluki doesn't come with applications or printer drivers.
A large amount of work has gone into making the xfce environment as familiar to puppy users as possible. There are many woof patches and several for xfce.


Iguleder, technosaurus, Barry Kauler (woof2)

scsijon, yr1945, mill0001, Jim1911


Initial build and assembling the ISO
I don't expect the final version to be released for a couple of months, Maybe January 2012 if we are lucky. Tman


Possible pcmanfm2 file manager (Rox still available)
Modular build system. Tutorial on how anyone can create their own add-on
Jemimah choice apps
Tman alternative lighter version
Window manager will be Metacity, (which is what Gnome uses)
Taskbar will be Xfce panel. Ttuuxxx uses this combination in his Classicpup 2.14X and it has the look of Xfce but uses less resources
Alternate window manager either Icewm or Jwm
Right now we are leaning towards Icewm

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