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~**Saluki** is designed from the ground up for use as a base system for puplet developers. The Saluki Custom Puplet builder is a build system with unmatched precision and ease of use. You can change the apps, change the kernel, rename the sfs files, choose xorgwizard or automatic desktop, trim the zdrive, and customize the look and feel.
~Remix your own perfect, production quality puplet in 15 minutes or less.

~Lead developer not currently working on the project. Development continues in the form of the [[Carolina]] project.

- **150MB or smaller**, for hardware less than 5 years old (may work on older)
- Linux kernel 3.2.8 i686 SMP PREEMPT built by Pemasu.
- **[[xfce XFCE desktop environment]]** Highly customizable and integrated. Compositing and true transparency
- **Saluki Custom Puplet Builder** Remove adrv_luki_XXX.sfs to add personal customised choice of programs eg. [[ SalukiPy]]
- [[Midori]] browser built in with a choice of [[ Latest Browsers]] to download
- [[Thunar]] file manager, with[[ROXFiler]] available separately
- **Modular approach** using SFS extentions via ##sfs-on-the-fly##: [[ Printer and Scanner Driver]], calibre, [[gimp]], JavaRuntimeEnvironment, [[libreoffice]], [[chrome]], [[opera]], picassa, [[virtualbox]], [[VLC]], xaralx, google earth, kompozer, [[qt]], skype, [[thunderbird]], [[wine]]
- **Choice applications** eg. //aiksaurus, [[asunder]], claws-mail, dia, [[evince]], fbreader, gadmin-sshd, [[galculator]], gcolor2, gnac, grandr, gstpw, gtktetris, gweled, gworldclock, Lightsword alarm clock, ogle, pcd, pdf-cube, [[pidgin]], pupcamera, putty, [[remmina]], ristretto, sven, streamtuner, thoggen, ucview, vattery, xdelta, xmenumaker, xnoise//
- **Major PPM programs** eg: //[[Clementine]], [[Blender]], imagination, [[plogo]], [[zensound]], [[filezilla]], xvidcap, moon-lander, redshift, zaxxon, [[python]], fotowall, vpnc, openvpn//
- **Improved look and feel** eg. every major gtk theme engine, large number of fonts, cursor themes and full size icons, complete gnome icon set - this can be swapped out (and an easy switcher is included), community contributed wallpapers, //welcomefirstboot// message moved to the tray, gxmessage replaces xmessage, Taskbar will be Xfce panel
- [[ Updated puppy universal installer]]
- Updated glib shows mounted drives in file open/save dialogs
- Suspend, hibernate, power-saving modes etc

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Carolina]] - fork of Saluki
~[[Fluppy]] - created by the same developer
~[[SalukiNOP]] - no office Saluki

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