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~**""SaveFiles""** (also known as ""PupSave"" files) contains additions and changes to a [[InstallationFrugal Frugal Installation]] of Puppy. Anything that is stored in the linux file system ([[RootFS]]).
~To save documents outside of ""Pup SaveFile"" go to ##/mnt/##. For example, ##/mnt/home## is the root directory/folder of your primary drive (C: drive in Windows speak).
~Saving documents outside of ""SaveFile"" makes them easy to access by other OSes, Puppy installations and Saves.
~For more information about the layered file system see [[ How Puppy works]].

==Boot Up Behavior==
~Puppy's behavior on boot up depends whether any [[SaveFile savefiles]] are found:
~~-If none are found Puppy will load the [[BaseSFS]] without any modifications. In many versions this will prompt the user to configure Puppy, also on reboot/shutdown the user is asked whether to create a save.
~~-If only one save is found it will load automatically. (If 'auto-load' is not wanted see [[HowToAvoidLoadingSaveFile how to avoid loading SaveFile]])
~~-If more than one is found the user is prompted to select via a text menu.
~Note: the boot files on a multi-session disk work differently from those used for live disk and frugal installs. They look for and make save files differently, see [[SaveFileMultiSession Save file multi-session]] for more information.

==Temporary Files==
~Often programs allow you to configure their temporary storage folder, setting this outside ""SaveFile"" avoids clutter and my improve performance.

==Also on the Wiki==
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~[[SaveFileMultiSession Save File - multisession]] - save files used on mutli-session optical media
~[[BootParametersPuppy Puppy Boot Parameters]] - these allow you to configure where Puppy looks for Save Files
~[[Remastering]] - Remastering Puppy may avoid the need for a Savefile
~[[whiteout files|whiteout file (.wh)]] - used by layered filesystem to remove read-only file

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