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====Slacko Tips====
- Do you know ISO's can be burnt to CD-RW or DVD-RW many times? //So now you can boot and text reports to the [[ forum]]//

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Do I need the PAE version?"}}
slacko-5.3.3 - most users
PAE slacko - those with post 2006 computers or 4GB or more of RAM

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Is there an exe to help installing directly from MS Windows?"}}
[[ Windows Installer]]

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How do I use a roll up a window?"}}
Placing the mouse cursor on the top window bar and vertical scrolling up or down shades/unshades the window!

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How do I use a pic on the desktop?"}}
Right-click on lock (top right of desktop)
select backdrop
drag and drop an image

For permanent images add images to **/usr/share/backgrounds**
and use //Menu / Desktop / Nathan Wallpaper setter//

[[ Here are some pics]]

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Can I zoom in and out using the browser?"}}
Got a mouse-wheel?
In the enclosed browser (Seamonkey 2.4.1)
goto the pull down menu and select
Now change to zoom in and out

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Hey my Internet is not connected?"}}
Not using Ethernet?
Click on the connect icon
Follow the instructions

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Which browser should I use?"}}
Slacko has the Seamonkey browser built in, includes an HTML editor and Email client
Extra downloads include stable and Beta release Browsers
Opera - small and efficient with email client
Chrome - still being optimised but cutting edge

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="What extra software do I need?"}}
Probably none
Use Slickpet and Puppy Package manager for extra software

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Should I customise?"}}
Want compositing effects including drop shaddows to your windows? Add this line near the bottom of the hidden file /root/.xinitrc
xcompmgr -c -C &

so that the bottom of the file looks like this:
**# rox -p /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/Puppypin

xcompmgr -c -C &**

''#exec $CURRENTWM
#v2.11 GuestToo suggested this improvement...
[ -x $CURRENTWM ] && exec $CURRENTWM
exec jwm


Re-start X for effects to start.

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Do I need java?"}}
Not usually but it is available in Slickpet
Most browsers already have javascript
(a different language)

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How do I move programs between windows?"}}
Right click on your program 'rectangle' in the icon bar (far left) and drag to the second window
Create up to 10 Windows with
Menu / Desktop / JMM configuration / tray management

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How do I compile and develop in Puppy?"}}
Use [[Devx]]. Go to SFS in Quickpet and click the button. Reboot.
You now have C, Bacon, Glade, Vala program languages and other development tools

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How do I know what programs I have installed?"}}
Use the package manager and notice the list of installed software
Be careful now - one click and they uninstall

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="What is this Puppy called?"}}
It is called **Puppy 5.3** or "Slacko"
During development the name Spot and Slacko were used for development ISO releases

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="Why does Puppy run as root?"}}
Puppy users control their environment.
We are designed to load and run from USB or DVD (straight to desktop)
A root running live CD or DVD system remains MORE secure than an accessible and hackable hard disk install
We are not designed for multi-user deployment.
You can use menu/network/Growl for [[security]] tightening options

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="So technically, Puppy is dangerous?"}}
Very. We bypass network security and firewalls
We can repair and edit other operating systems files such as Windows 7
bypassing administrator limitations
Recommended by security agencies as unhackable when running from DVD
Programs on the CD/DVD are never compromised.
With Puppy, comes great potential
in a small package

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="What about tech support?"}}
Try us.
Puppy users are loyal because our forums, wikis, IRC,
blogs and web sites are constantly friendly, updated and improved

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="What about Thumbnails?"}}
Thumbnails are turned off for speedy default. To turn them on:
Right-Click on an icon and choose Rox-Filer -> Options -> Thumbnails -> #%click box#% show image thumbnails

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How can I optimise booting?"}}
go to
Menu / System / Bootmanager configure bootup
(that is, right click on desktop or bottom left click)
then . . . Manage System Services
Use Help to sort out what to do

{{color fg="black" bg="yellow" text="How do I turn a group of pets to custom sfs?"}}
[[ pets to custom sfs]]

[[ more tips]]
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