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====""SoftMaker"" Office====
~**""SoftMaker"" Office** that comes with the following applications:
~**[[TextMaker]]** - reliable and friendly word processor that reads and writes Microsoft Word files without a hitch.
~**""PlanMaker""** - fully Excel-compatible spreadsheet that lets you create the most elaborate worksheets.
~**""SoftMaker"" Presentations** - presentation graphics program that simply creates better-looking presentations than Microsoft ""PowerPoint"".
~The programs not only provide consistent menu and dialog box arrangements, but can also exchange data smoothly with each other.
~office productivity

~[[ Software package assembled by BarryK]]
~[[ Software package assembled by coolpup]] 54MB {requires a ~[[ free licence]]}
~[[ SoftMakerOffice2008]]

~[[ TextMaker 2010 manual]]
~[[ PlanMaker 2010 manual]]
~[[ PresentationsMaker 2010 manual]]

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~[[ OfficeMaker Viewer]] - The free document viewer (for Microsoft Windows) for all common word processing formats. This is what you send to others so as to be able to read the text files you send them.
~[[ Softmaker homepage]]

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