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====Desktop Software Index====

**[[ClipIt]], [[Glipper]], [[Parcellite]]**

**[[BootManager Boot Manager]]**
Manage [[SquashFS SFS files]], kernel modules and system services.

**[[ConkyMonitor Conky]]**
A light weight system monitor.

font configuration

Ubuntu package downloader for Puppy

Task manager and system monitor

**[[JavaRuntimeEnvironment Java Runtime Environment]]**
Required to run [[Java]] programs.

Task manager and system monitor

Add, edit and remove programs from the PuppyMenu

Control Num Lock

Edit and remove programs from the PuppyMenu

Program launcher

Easy access to configure Puppy

display system information

Desktop widgets such as an analog clock, horoscope and much more.


Terminal emulator

Input additional languages

Auto-mount partitions on boot

**[[RxvtUnicode urxvt]]**
Terminal emulator

**[[WbarInstall Wbar]]**
A fancy yet light weight program launchbar.

Lock the desktop to prevent others using computer.

Virtual on screen keyboard

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