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Software Index

These are my proposed categories for listing software on the wiki. The number of categories has been kept as small as possible, and examples are given where confusion could occur. Hopefully!

If you don't like this page, please give constructive feedback in This Forum Thread -TdeM

Pages about Software
Puppy Software
textSoftware forum

Software Indexes
Desktop - Windowmanagers, themes, eye candy.

Development - Compilers, interpreters, IDEs.

Games - Add some more fun to your Puppy!

Graphics - Paint, image manipulation, 3d modelling software.

Internet - Web browsers, Email and RSS clients, IM etc.

Multimedia - Video, music applications.

Network - Home network, remote access.

Office - Word processing, text editors, spreadsheets, calendar.

System - Setup, hardware, libraries.

Unsorted - Any other programs (science, math, utilities, emulators, whatever).
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