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====Internet Software Index====

Browse and author Web pages

A lightweight cross-platform Web browser.

Browser packaged by Google.

Open source browser.

Simple internet browser.

Email client

FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with graphical user interface.

Made for Puppy from Firefox.

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A popular open source browser.

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**[[libflashplayer Flash]]**
Adobe Flash Player

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Installs Adobe Flash Player

Alternative Flash Player

**[[SRWareIron Iron]]**
Browser based on open source part of Chromium

Very small text-based browser.

Terminals RSS/Atom feed reader

Browser, email, rss and chat.

Efficient browser

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instant messaging & Internet Relay Chat

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Make phone calls over the internet

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Internet application suite

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lightweight, easy-to-use email client

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Open source email client.

Console IRC client, fast and light.

IRC for Firefox or Seamonkey

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