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====System Software Index====

game programming library

audio processing

collection of binary tools including [[as]] and [[ld]]

Basic file, shell and text manipulations.

Native language support

Gnome library for [[Gtk]]

The [[GNU]] C Library

Finds strings in files.


Audio encoder, supports MP3.

Berkley Database




part of gstreamer plugins base set

streaming media framework

Audio decoder, supports MP3.

PNG raster format tools

SSH2 protocol


**[[libstdcplusplus libstdc++]]**
[[GNU]] Standard ""C++""

USB access for applications

library for handling [[xml]]


[[python]] maths library

audio processing

convert pdf to svg


[[python]] [[Gtk]] library

audio meta-data processing

device access

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**[[xinelib Xine lib]]**
Multimedia player

functions for interacting with [[X]]


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