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====Source Code====
~**Source code** is any collection of computer instructions (possibly with comments) written using some human-readable computer language, usually as text. The code is then compiled into [[binarycode machine code]] that the computer can directly execute. Alternative, it can be converted on the fly, known as interpretation.
~Common programs in Puppy are available ready compiled as [[software software packages]]. To compile in Puppy you will need the file from the [[devx devx SFS]].
~[[CompilingIndex Compiling Index]]
~[[BinaryCode Binary Code]] - compiled code
~[[WikiPedia:Source_code Source code on Wikipedia]]
====Binary Code====
~Binary code is program that has been compiled and can be "executed" or run by the computer. It has to be the compiled for the correct architecture. Most desktops and laptops use a [[x86]] variety, for portable devices [[ARM]] is common.
~Often a binary file will need supporting files, for example libraries and frameworks.
~Clicking on a binary in a filer window will run it. If nothing happens it can be instructive to run it in the terminal. Open a terminal emulator such as [[RxvtUnicode Urxvt]]. Either type in the full folder location and filename, or go to the folder and type in the filename. If the executable is in a [[WikiPedia:PATH_(variable) PATH]] directory only the filename is required. Some errors are reported here, for example missing libraries.
~[[BIN]] - common extension for a binary file
~[[SourceCode Source Code]] - uncompiled code

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